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The headquarters is located in Sanjiang source nature reserve in Gonghe County Industrial Park, is a Chinese wolfberry as the core, the main "green organic, natural nutrition and health", is committed to organic wolfberry cultivation and processing of the private technology enterprises with high added value, the business covers wolfberry cultivation, processing and sales of derivative products (processing Chinese wolfberry bud tea, wolfberry honey), ecological environment governance, foreign trade.


Geng ga lycium barbarum base 4333333 m²

Sha zhu yu nai hai ta lycium barbarum base 2333333 m²

Qie ji youth team lycium barbarum base 933333 m²

Qie ji three team lycium barbarum base 2800000 m²

Ta mai bei shan lycium barbarum base 213333.3 m²

Ta mai nan shan lycium barbarum base 90000 m²

Qie ji new three team lycium barbarum base 2566666 m²

Ci han tu hai  lycium barbarum base 86666 m²


Red Chinese wolfberry





Tianzun peony (a magenta)

Black Chinese wolfberry

Violet black velvet gold

Sharply yiu fai

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Good eye protection - goji berries
For students,though,our country is constantly advocated to reduce the burden of learning for the children,but KaoXue competition and pressure do not change
Chinese wolfberry is an anti-aging
Chinese medicine experts often recommend eating more Chinese wolfberry,mainly because of its behavior GanPing,with good sharp eyes,nourishing blood,nourishing liver and kidney etc,a legend,once zhang
Red fruit Chinese wolfberry tea, strong body
Busy outside of work,isn't it like bubble a cup of tea to drink,a lot of people because of busy life often bubble tea,drink coffee,now can to introduce the health preservation,red medlar tea
Medlar? These four methods are the most practical
The strength of a person's private body is related to the strength of the kidney.When the winter comes,the human body must have sufficient energy and heat to keep the guard
How to eat wolfberry in summer to make up kidney prevent hair loss
To supplement the kidney,Chinese wolfberry is a tonic medicine since ancient times.In the jin dynasty,ge hong single-use goji fruit juice to treat eye diseases
The taboo of drinking Chinese wolfberry
Taboo of medlar bubble water to drink,but before the bubble water to it,is to understand their own physical condition,if the people who are bad physique,choose Chinese wolfberry bubble water to drink
Two types of people are careful to eat wolfberry
Speaking of Chinese wolfberry,people can think of the benefits are generally,know that it is a kind of beneficial to human body health food,indeed,the role of Chinese wolfberry has a lot of,it can als
The effect of goji berries on the human body
Medlar can have very good promotion effect to the health of human body,first it can solve the problem of nowadays people lack of physical activity in the society
Dry eyes and goji berries
When the air is dry and the eyes are dry and sour,people tend to bring in a bottle of eye drops.Eye drops for the treatment of symptoms,here I recommend a diet prescription-Chinese wolfberry yellow